Smart IoT alarm clock using Pi Zero

Smart IoT Alarm clock using Pi Zero

Here is a very comprehensive Instructable from fgebhart about building a smart IoT alarm clock using Pi Zero that has some really nice features such as text-to-speech synthesizer, multiple wake-up sounds (such as MP3 songs, your favorite internet radio station, or news channel), alphanumeric LED segment displays with auto intensity adjustment, and more.

Smart IoT Alarm clock using Pi Zero

Smart IoT Alarm clock using Pi Zero


  • text to speech synthesizer
  • three ways of wake-up sound:
    • play local mp3 files
    • play internet radio station and
    • play latest news as podcast (independent to the alarm time)
  • set alarm via smartphone or any other computer
  • running apache2 server
  • automatic display brightness adjustment
  • audio amplifier volume control
  • 3D-printalbe case
  • case built-in tactile switch
  • alphanumeric display shows text
  • 3W speaker definitely wakes you up
  • … whatever you want to add …

In order to complete this project you need to set up a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian (Lite), the Debian version of Raspberry Pi. Sure you might use different Raspberry Pis and a different OS, but therefore you might need to modify your system somewhat. For example if you want to use Raspberry Pi 3 you don’t have to buy and use an additional WiFi-stick, might just use the on-board audio output, but might not be able to use the given 3D-printable case. So by changing some parts of this project you got to keep in mind that this instruction is based on using Raspberry Pi Zero.

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