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Managing a menu driven user interface on a Nokia 5110 LCD

User interface menu on Nokia 5110 LCD

An interactive menu driven LCD user interface (UI) is really useful in embedded applications that require setting up parameters for operation. This YouTube tutorial demonstrates how to manage a simple menu driven UI on a Nokia 5110 LCD for Arduino applications. This is the project we are going to build. In the display a simple menu appears, and with the help of three buttons I can navigate up, or down and select a menu item. Let’s select the first option. As you can see a new a UI screen is displayed and by pressing the up and down buttons we

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Comfort thermometer with remote sensors housed in an Ikea Ribba frame

Comfort thermometer with colorful LED display

Building a thermometer is a very popular project among beginner hobbyists. This comfort thermometer display built with 517 LEDs and four microcontrollers is a beautiful piece of art work with a very impressive and colorful display. It uses: 1) PiC24FV16KA301 – controlling outer 36 RGB LEDs 2) PIC16F886 – bargraph and pink LEDs animations 3) ATmega328 – controlling 7-segment display 4) PIC16F57 – rf transmitter and receiver   The bargraph LEDs are current sinked with LM3914 LED display drivers, and current sourced via the PIC16F886 and transistors. The information from the temperature sensor (LM35) and humidity sensor (HIH-4030) is wirelessly transmitted once

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Arduino-powered drink mixer

Drink mixer

Tired of hand-mixing ingredients for your favorite cocktail drink? This Arduino-powered automatic drink mixer can get your favorite 6-shooter recipe ready with a push of a button. You need to select your drink from the list shown on an LCD screen, push the button, and it will pour the drink in your glass. It uses 7 solenoid valves and a single pump to access drink from 6 containers.

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Fingerprint controlled door lock

Fingerprint door lock

This fingerprint lock is described in an Instructable posted by JetLab and is about building an Arduino-based electronic door lock that can be installed on almost any access point in your house. The project uses a keypad and fingerprint scanner to grant access to the users by controlling an electric door strike with a relay. I started this project because I was wanted to work with a keypad and fingerprint sensor as well as become more familiar working with LCD’s, I also needed a way to lock my door from the outside so I thought an electronic door-lock would be

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