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Natural alarm clock using Arduino

Natural light alarm clock

We are programmed to wake up gently with the natural light of Sunrise. Unfortunately, this rarely happens in modern days, where we are often forced to wake up with a loud

USB media control using ATTiny2313

USB media volume control

This simple ATTiny 2313-based USB media controller design from Rupert Hirst lets you add an external volume and mute control to your PC. It uses V-USB, a software implementation of a USB 1.1 compliant for lower

Raspberry Pi based action camera

Making your own action camera

Action cameras are great for capturing your favorite sport activities. Connor Yamada‘s describes how to build a DIY action camera using Raspberry Pi A+ computer and a Pi camera board. This camera

Tiny capsule camera

Wireless capsule camera

Capsule endoscopy lets doctors to see inside of your small intestine, an area that isn’t easily reachable with traditional endoscopy procedures. It involves a tiny wireless capsule camera that the


PC stats on a tiny OLED

Rupert Hirst bought a new Nvidia GTX1080 graphics card, and in order to monitor its performance, he built an external PC stat display using an Arduino Pro Micro and a

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