Enhanced water and condensation safe touch sensing operation

This application note explains the unique auto-calibration feature of the touch sensor
family from NXP and provides guidelines for enhanced water and condensation safe
operation, focusing on applications with capacitive touch buttons.

Capacitive touch sensing is considered as a revolutionary development to replace
mechanical buttons in all application areas. While providing an easy to implement
hermetic touch interface with no mechanical parts, factors as accumulated
contaminations, condensation and water droplets have been less pleasant topics to deal
with. Robustness is a major concern. Especially in harsh environments as workshops
where contaminations are usual, in automotive applications where extreme climate
conditions apply and also in white goods where wet hands and water splash is
encountered, special attention needs to be given.


Electric filed strength between the sensor pad and the surrounding GND ring


Arduino basic I/O learning shield

Jesus Echavarria, an electronic designer from Spain, has informed us about his K4S Keyboard project, which is a basic I/O shield specially designed for learning Arduino Programming using the Scratch for Arduino (S4A) platform. S4A is a modified version of the MIT’s Scratch Project and supports interactive Arduino programming through drag and place blocks.

K4S educating shield

K4S educating shield

The design of K4S board is simple and contains three 10mm LEDs, three tact switches, one potentiometer, and one Piezo buzzer. It can be used for educating kids the basics of Arduino programming using S4A. Experiments that can be done with this shield include basic digital input and output, analog sensing, light dimmer using PWM, and generating sound.

Electric imp based automatic door lock

Marcus built this automatic door lock for his office, which uses the Electric Imp and a RC servo to lock/unlock the door.

When we, PinMeTo, moved in to our office at MINC in the beginning of September we only had three keys to four persons and an extra key cost 500 sek so i built an automatic door lock for the door. Maybe cheaper to just buy an extra key but not as fun.

Automatic door lock

Automatic door lock

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