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ESP8266 garage door opener and data logger

ESP8266 garage door opener

This ESP8266 controlled garage door opener activates the garage switch via commands send over an web browser. In addition, it also records the activities to a Google Sheet using the services. There seems to be an unstoppable drive in the hacker DIY community for web based garage door openers and we were compelled to respond.  The garage door opener we have opens/shuts from a push button switch that basically creates a short to connect two terminals on the garage door opening unit.  That allows easy implementation because all that is required is a ESP8266 controlled relay wired across those two terminals

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DIY IoT breathalyzer

IoT Breathalyzer

Dominic Peters shares his project about making an IoT breathalyzer using ESP8266 on It uses the MQ3 sensor for detecting alcohol concentration on your breath. The ESP8266 reads the sensor data and post it to Cayenne IoT platform so that the data can be recorded and viewed over time from anywhere via internet. The device needs to be portable and durable if it should be used while under the influence. The 11.1 Wh/hr lipo battery provides about 8 hours of continuous use. All the components are stuck to the battery pack with thick double sided tape. I hope this provides

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How to post data to Google sheets using ESP8266

Soil Moisture to Google Sheets

In the past couple years, the ESP8266 platform has flourished dramatically and emerged as one of the most popular hardware tools among electronics hobbyists and IoT enthusiasts. Packed with a 32-bit RISC CPU running at 80 MHz, a fully integrated WiFi radio with TCP/IP protocol stack, serial peripherals (I2C, SPI, and UART), an ADC channel, and general purpose I/O pins, the ESP8266 is the most integrated and affordable WiFi solution available in the current IoT market space. An ESP8266 hardware, like NodeMCU and ESP-01, can directly interface with sensors using its peripherals and upload the sensor measurements to a local

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Making a simple weather web server using ESP8266 and BME280

Weather web server using ESP8266 and BME280 environmental sensor

Since its launch in 2014, ESP8266 has revolutionized the IoT space by offering an extremely cost-effective and programmable WiFi-enabled microcontroller to hobbyists and professionals, thereby opening the doors to all kinds of everyday objects and sensors to the internet. In addition, with it’s built-in WiFi capability, the ESP8266 can also serve as a standalone web server on a local network, and can respond to the http GET commands received from an internet browser. This project illustrates how to construct a simple standalone weather web server utilizing NodeMCU development board for ESP8266 and Bosch’s BME280 environmental sensor chip. On receiving the web requests, the ESP8266

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What-to-wear weather clock

Weather forecasting clock

Plan your day with confidence using this fancy weather forecasting clock that tells you what kind of clothes you need to wear to be comfortable outside. The clock is powered by the Particle Photon IoT development board that retrieves the current weather information from Based on the weather forecast, the Particle board drives a servo motor to move a clock hand to point to the correct type of clothes needed. I split the software into 2 parts: the Photon firmware to move the pointer and a script to figure out which clothes to wear from the weather forecast. The Particle cloud acts as

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