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An old radio turned into RPi powered internet radio

RPi powered internet radio

Marcel describes in this Instructable how he gave a new life to his old radio by powering it with an Raspberry Pi that streams various radio channels over the internet. He kept the functionality of the original tuning knob for tuning to radio channels. The RPi speaks up the name of the tuned channel in English or in your own language, as configured. The radio also features a safe-power-off button for proper shutdown of the RPi. He wrote the software for the radio in Python that runs automatically upon boot.

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DIY Ultrasound imaging

DIY ultrasound imaging system development kit

This DIY Ultrasound Imaging development kit is kelu124‘s entry to Hackaday 2017 prize and is equipped for imaging, based on two ad-hoc ultrasound boards, a Raspberry, a custom ADC, and a motherboard. This HSDK has for objective to: – consolidate existing hardware research; – simplify and lower the cost of the kit; – permits benchmarking of ultrasound systems; – introduce a simple API to control hardware; – have a server which provides both raw ultrasound and data standard DICOM files; – have a kit that can be used for pedagogical and academic purposes – not to mention people who want

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ZeroBot: A FPV robot controlled by RPi Zero

RPi Zero W controlled FPV robot

Max Kern introduces ZeroBot, a Raspberry Pi Zero W based FPV robot that can be controlled over a WiFi access point (no router is required). With an integrated camera module, it provides you a live video feed with minimal latency. It can be controlled using any computer or smartphone via a web browser. The body parts and the wheels are made with a regular 3D printer. Some of the key features are: – Compact CAD design with 3D printed components – Analog control via a joystick (and multitouch) – Simple battery solution using only a standard power bank – Low

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Raspberry Pi Zero Tweeting GIF camera

RPi Zero GIF camera

Based on Nick Brewer’s DIY animated GIF camera, Michael built his own Raspberry Pi Zero W camera that captures GIF images and tweets them over WiFi! It uses a Pi camera module for capturing images. The Pi Zero is programmed to connect to a user-selected WiFi network for tweeting the gifs.

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Weather forecast cloud

Weather cloud changes color with weather patterns

There are already so many weather station projects based on Raspberry Pi. This Instructable describes a weather forecast project based on Raspberry Pi zero with a unique cloud-shaped display that connects to the Yahoo Weather API to retrieve weather info and changes the color of the cloud in accordance with the forecast for the next day. The cloud display uses Neopixels strips for changing colors.  

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