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ZeroBot: A FPV robot controlled by RPi Zero

RPi Zero W controlled FPV robot

Max Kern introduces ZeroBot, a Raspberry Pi Zero W based FPV robot that can be controlled over a WiFi access point (no router is required). With an integrated camera module, it provides you a live video feed with minimal latency. It can be controlled using any computer or smartphone via a web browser. The body parts and the wheels are made with a regular 3D printer. Some of the key features are: – Compact CAD design with 3D printed components – Analog control via a joystick (and multitouch) – Simple battery solution using only a standard power bank – Low

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Raspberry Pi Zero Tweeting GIF camera

RPi Zero GIF camera

Based on Nick Brewer’s DIY animated GIF camera, Michael built his own Raspberry Pi Zero W camera that captures GIF images and tweets them over WiFi! It uses a Pi camera module for capturing images. The Pi Zero is programmed to connect to a user-selected WiFi network for tweeting the gifs.

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Weather forecast cloud

Weather cloud changes color with weather patterns

There are already so many weather station projects based on Raspberry Pi. This Instructable describes a weather forecast project based on Raspberry Pi zero with a unique cloud-shaped display that connects to the Yahoo Weather API to retrieve weather info and changes the color of the cloud in accordance with the forecast for the next day. The cloud display uses Neopixels strips for changing colors.  

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PolaPi: A Pi Zero based instant point, shoot, and print camera

PolaPi Zero: A Raspberry Pi Zero powered instant camera

Even in today’s age of smartphones, polaroid cameras are still very popular because it not only allows you to capture the moments instantly, but also let you hold the printed picture immediately after taking the shot. Muth’s PolaPi is a Raspberry Pi Zero powered DIY instant camera that can point, shoot, and print the pictures on thermal papers. It uses a Sharp memory LCD for ‘live-view’ (and for review after taking shots) and the Nano thermal printer from Adafruit for printing monochrome images. Camera demo is shown in the following video.

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ZeroPhone: A Pi-powered DIY mobile phone

Zerophone: A Pi-powered DIY mobile phone

We have seen Arduino-powered cellphones before. Arsenijs introduces ZeroPhone– a Raspberry Pi Zero powered DIY mobile phone that costs less than $50 in parts. It is mostly open-source and linux-powered. It supports voice calls, texting, and basic apps like alarm clock, calendar, calculator, web browser, music player, etc. Features: Calling and SMS – this is the first functionality to be implemented, and will be considered crucial in the development. All the basic apps – alarm clock, calendar, calculator, phonebook, file browser, web browser and music player. Your own apps – SDK will be provided and it will be developer-friendly. The laand I’ll

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