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PC stat monitor using ESP8266/Arduino

There are tons of PC applications you can install on your PC for monitoring essential stats for CPU, disk, memory, system temperature, etc. Here is a standalone hardware project that would receive the PC stat via USB port and display it on a dedicated 2.8″ TFT display. The project uses an ESP8266 hardware and a touchscreen-enabled ILI9341-based color LCD. On the PC side, a Python script gathers PC stats and send the data to the ESP8266 via USB-UART interface. With the built in WiFi capability of ESP8266, the PC stat can also be broadcasted over WiFi to a remote cloud server. The firmware is developed using Arduino IDE, so the standalone LCD version of this project would still be compatible with Arduino boards.

ESP8266 PC stat monitor

ESP8266 PC stat monitor


PC stats on a tiny OLED

Rupert Hirst bought a new Nvidia GTX1080 graphics card, and in order to monitor its performance, he built an external PC stat display using an Arduino Pro Micro and a 128×64 pixel I2C OLED display. Note that unlike in Arduino Uno, the I2C pins on the Pro Micro are available at the D2(SDA) and D3(SCL) I/O pins. In order to minimize the footprint of his project, he directly hooked the 4 pins (VCC, GND, SCL, and SDA) of the OLED display to the 4 I/O pins in a single row (D5, D4, D3, and D2) of the Pro Micro to minimize the footprint of the project. Because the OLED only consumes ~19mA current during operation, he was able to power the display by pulling D5 High(5v) and D4 Low(to ground).