A multifunction digital meter using Atmega128

This is a multifunction bench test instrument builtĀ using an Atmega128 microcontroller and incorporate a lot of functions like voltmeter, ammeter, logic analyzer, frequency generator, frequency counter and also provides regulated DC power supply.

This device is interfaced with a Windows PC to display the measurements. The PC software is developed in VB 6. The function generator is based on a MAX038 IC that can provide sine, triangle or square wave, with adjustable duty cycle, from about 1 Hz to > 20 MHz.

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  • can you please share it again? the link is broken.. thank you in advance

  • A multifunction digital meter using Atmega128,
    Hi Friend ,
    I m currently working on virtual lab project and i would like to know some details about your project that will help me.

    Hope you will reply soon !

    Please if you can send schematics and diagram or synopsis of your A multifunction digital meter using Atmega128 project.

    Thanking You in Advance .

    Paras Wadher

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