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500 Watts Solar Charge Controller

Nathaniel VerLee’s Solar Power System Controller supports solar panels in series or parallel combinations to deliver up to 500W output, that can be used to power street lights, weather stations, sail boats, security systems, and many more applications. The solar energy generator has a buck boost topology DC-DC converter that can either step up or step down the output voltage from the input voltage, which allows the system to operate at the panels peak efficiency known as the maximum power point. The maximum power point is tracked using a current and voltage sensor by periodically changing the input to output

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Digital Stethoscope example using the TMS320C5515 DSP board

Texas Instrument’s medical development kit (MDK) is based on the C5515 DSP and consists of individual analog front-end boards forvECG, digital stethoscope, and pulse oximeter. This application note describes the implementation of digital stethoscope using the front-end board of MDK and sensor to capture the acoustic sound waves of the heart and lungs. The board contains the necessary circuitry for signal conditioning and acquiring signals from the sensors.

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Design considerations for a wireless LED sign

This application note from Texas Instruments describes the hardware design considerations for making a multi-sport scoreboard that is cost efficient, portable, easy to use, and support wireless transmission of display data. This application report describes the selection of the following: an appropriate LED display, a controller system, a communication system, and software for building the wireless LED-based scoreboard. Different techniques are included to drive the LED display from a microcontroller as well as some test results. This application report is only for displaying numerals on the scoreboard but the same concept can be applied to display alphabets. A similar concept can be extended to

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Audio record/play implementation using MSP430

This application report discusses the implementation of a low-cost solution to store and play audio or using an MSP430. The reference design uses an external SPI flash memory, which enables flexibility of storage memory size based on the amount of playback time needed, while the low-cost MSP430F2002 MCU offers ultralow-power speech playback solution.

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USB Tweezers for ZRLC measurements

Ajoy Raman’s new project on Instructable is about making a low-cost hand-held tweezers to meause R, L, C, and Z (complex impedance). The project uses the TI’s TMS320F28027 micro-controller, an 8-port-analog-switch ADG714 from Analog Devices and the MCP6022 rail-to-rail dual Opamp IC. The ZLRC measurements are sent to a PC through an USB port using an USB-to-TTL converter. He also developed a GUI application for the PC end to display the results.

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