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A DIY GPS tracking device for hikers

A handy GPS tracker designed by woytekm for tracking and recording your hiking trips on a microSD card. It also features a Nokia 3310 LCD for showing current GPS position, altitude, track length, track duration and time. More details of the design are found at the author’s Github page. This device does not provide any map or direction info. It just shows GPS position, altitude, track length, track duration and current time. Track data is written to micro SD card as GPX file. Nothing too ingenious, but still quite handy if you like to gather the data on your hike. Thanks to large

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Pallete: An open source tongue computer interface.

Designed by Dan Levine, Pallete is a fully open-source wireless computer interface to allow the mobility impaired to control computers, Android tablets and phones using the tongue. It uses infrared sensors to track tongue motion, a microphone to detect tongue taps, and Bluetooth technology for communicating with computers. Dan’s smart mouthguard is also a winner for the Assistive Technologies award of the 2016 Hackaday Prize. It is open sourced, all the design source files and instructions are available online. Moreover, it uses off-the-shelf components, so any developer/builder/hacker can follow the instructions and build Pallette. We hope to establish a community around tongue-control technology, so the people in need

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SunLeaf: Solar-powered wireless sensor module

SunLeaf is a wireless sensor module designed by Adam Vadala-Roth for remote sensing applications. The module is solar/battery powered, low power, connected via WiFi, low cost, and highly scalable. SunLeaf interfaces with several variety sensors, samples, and transmits the data to the cloud. Data is viewed through a web interface. The SunLeaf module intends to be a solution for many remote wireless sensing applications, such as plant health, agriculture, monitoring pollution, and monitoring climate. Module Hardware Specs – ST Microelectronics STM32F446RET6 ARM Cortex M4F 168MHZ MCU – ESP-02 ESP8266 WiFi Module – 4x Seeedstudio UART/USART Grove Sensor Connectors – 4x Seeedstudio

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New product: ASK RF transmitter and receiver kit

Today, we have added a new product to our Tindie store. It is a complete set of ASK RF transmitter and receiver modules for enabling wireless data transfer between two Arduinos. The kit consists of high quality ASK transmitter and receiver modules (433MHz carrier) along with matching copper spring antennas. There are tons of other cheap ASK modules available in the market. Most of them do not come with antennas and the user has to cut out and install a right size wire antenna for reliable operation. Our kit includes a complete solution with copper spring antennas. Following features makes

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Wireless communication between two Arduinos using inexpensive RF modules

This article explores an easy wireless communication setup between two Arduinos using low-cost ASK RF transmitter and receiver modules that are readily available in the market. They are found in different shapes, but functionally they are all same. Both Tx and Rx modules contain a single data line for input and output and support a low-speed Amplitude Shift Keying modulation for data communication. You can get them with 315MHz or 433MHz carrier frequency. In this tutorial, I am using a 433MHz Tx/Rx pair with two Arduino boards to illustrate how to construct a low-range wireless temperature and humidity monitor.

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