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Arduino midi controller

An Arduino powered midi controller project for music makers.

This my first arduino (microcontroller) project. I want to learn arduino with a usefull and large project.

I decided to make a midi DJ controller that have all the functions needed to be standalone to mix.

Every kind of sensor (potentiometer, push button,…) can be learn independantly and I think the best way is to learn “how it works” and “how it is connected” for each sensor step by step.

Midi controller using Arduino

Midi controller using Arduino

Arduino Pocket Tetris

A portable pocket Tetris project using ATTiny85 and SSD1306 based OLED screen by dombeef.

Pocket Tetris project

Pocket Tetris project

This project originally was meant as a fathers day gift for my tetris-loving father, and I felt like it should be available for others if they want to make a pretty small tetris clone. This was the smallest I could make it with a big enough battery and a thick durable 3d printed housing.

I modified tetris code created by Andy Jackson to be used with 3 buttons, since his original code was made for the AttinyArcade platform that has 2 buttons.

LoRa IOT System for Environment Monitoring

Rod Gatehouse‘s LoRa IOT Home Environment Monitoring System is built using readily available hardware modules and consists of multiple remote stations with environmental sensors that communicate to an Arduino Mega based IoT gateway via LoRa RF modules.


LoRa Environmental Monitoring System

The LoRa IOT Home Environmental Monitoring System consists of an Arduino Mega based IOT-to-Internet gateway and Arduino Feather based remote stations with environmental sensors. The remote stations communicate wirelessly with the gateway using LoRa radios.

The system enables a homeowner to monitor the home environment via an internet accessible dashboard, receive periodic SMS environmental notifications, receive realtime SMS alerts when monitored environmental parameters exceed preset thresholds, and log environmental data to the cloud.

Arduino soldering station

GreatScottLab‘s new project video is about making a DIY soldering station using Arduino and a standard JBC soldering iron. The video also provides all the basic info you would need to know about soldering station, including thermocouples, AC power control and zero point detection.

DIY soldering station

DIY soldering station

Watch the project video below:

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