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Making a self-balancing robot using Arduino

Two-wheel self-balancing robots are pretty cool and could be challenging to make for beginners. Joop Brokking describes the build process of his amazingly stable self-balancing robot in a video tutorial posted below. The robot uses two stepper motors for precise motion that is controlled by an Arduino board. The angular inclinations data are derived using a MPU6050 gyro/accelerometer. You can download the design files and firmware from Joop’s website.

Self-balancing robot

Self-balancing robot

Joop’s YouTube video tutorial is posted below:

Arduino controlled autonomous cooler

This Arduino-powered autonomous cooler follows you to the park or beach by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and is also GPS-enabled to self-navigate. The electronics is powered by a 5V power supply, whereas a 3s LiPo battery is used to power the motors. Controlled with an Android App, the cooler also features motorized lid that can be opened through the App.

Autonomous cooler

Autonomous cooler

A HC-05 Bluetooth module was mounted at the front of the platform for better range. The rest of the components including a L298N motor driver, PAM-7Q GPS, and HMC6883L compass were mounted inside and connected to the Arduino through the breadboard.

The compass works with I2C, so we connected the SLC and SDA pins to A5 and A4 respectively. The rest of the pins were connected through digital I/O. For more information on how we connected the wires, see the diagrams provided in the schematics section below.

SolarSurfer: A robotic surfboard

The SolarSurfer is a neat concept of building a solar-powered robotic surfboard submitted to the 2014 Hackaday Prize by Rusty Jehangir and his team at BlueRobotics. It’w built using an 8 feet surfboard and is powered by a 120 W solar panel and a 12V lead acid battery. It’s also equipped with a GPS system, satellite modem, and sensors that collect ocean temperature and pH values during the journey.


Solar-powered autonomous surfboard

The surfer is guided by a 3D Robotics APM2.6 with a uBlox GPS. A RockBLOCK satellite radio from Rock Seven let’s us communicate back and forth with the SolarSurfer to monitor its position, status, and update its course. Temperature and pH sensors collect useful ocean data along the way.

The ocean is a harsh place – corrosive saltwater, intense sunlight, constant motion, and life everywhere. There’s lots of challenges to overcome and a lot of potential for awesomeness.

The project is open-source and we’d love your input and contribution! The software is available on our Github page and licensed under the GPL license. We leverage a lot of inspiration from other open source projects like ArduPlane and ArduCopter.


SolarSurfer components

Voice controlled robotic vehicle

In this video, Carlos Asamat describes an Arduino driven speech controlled robotic vehicle. The required components and modules to construct this robot can be purchased from RobotShop. The voice commands are processed through a speech recognition hardware module and are transferred to the vehicle through Xbee RF communication modules. The speech recognition module is controlled through an Arduino Uno. The robotic vehicle to be controlled is the DFRobotShop Rover,which is a very versatile programmable robot platform. Besides the mechanical structure of the robot, the DFRobotShop Rover PCB also incorporates a standard Arduino Duemilanove (surface mount ATMega328), L293B motor driver, voltage regulator and an additional prototyping area. With the help of an additional voice recognition module, the motion of the robot can be controlled with simple spoken commands.
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