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Another IR controlled light switch

Vadim Panov’s new project is about an IR controlled light switch that operates with any RC-5 compatible TV remote. His switch is built around the ATTiny2313 MCU clocked at 8MHz. The IR receiving part is designed for decoding the 36KHz modulated IR signal using the TSOP1736 device.

IR controlled light switch

IR controlled light switch

The thing I came up with at the time was a light swich for my room controlled over an IR remote from TV. Remote that I had used RC-5 protocol, hence the firmware is suited for any RC-5 compatible remote.
Everyone is familiar to the everliving problem with switching the lights off in your room before going to bed and stumbling back across the room. The IR switch I describe here solves that problem, and I can definitely tell that this project was a success – I am still using it with no regret.

1Hz to 10MHz frequency meter using ATtiny2313

This AVR-based Frequency Meter is capable of measuring frequencies from 1Hz to 10MHz with 1 Hz resolution. The hardware of this project consists of seven 7-segment displays, AVR ATtiny2313 uController, and a few transistors and resistors. The AVR counts input pulses for a precise 1 second  interval (generated using the built-in Timer) and displays the result on the multiplexed seven segment LED displays.

AVR frequency meter


Experimental board for ATTiny2313

This is an experimental board for ATTiny2313 microcontroller that provides a 10-pin connector for in-circuit serial programming, and other header pins to access I/O pins. The AT2313 microcontroller runs on an external 10Mhz crystal. The board has a push button reset switch for resetting the microcontroller. The onboard regulator provides a +5V DC to the microcontroller. The board is also featured with a DB9 connector to communicate with a PC through RS232 port. The TTL to RS232 level translation is achieved through a MAX232 chip. The circuit for this board is very simple to build, and the PCB layout is also available. This is a good board for learning AVR microcontroller.

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