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Pallete: An open source tongue computer interface.

Designed by Dan Levine, Pallete is a fully open-source wireless computer interface to allow the mobility impaired to control computers, Android tablets and phones using the tongue. It uses infrared sensors to track tongue motion, a microphone to detect tongue taps, and Bluetooth technology for communicating with computers. Dan’s smart mouthguard is also a winner for the Assistive Technologies award of the 2016 Hackaday Prize.


Pallete: The World’s First Open Source Tongue Computer Interface

It is open sourced, all the design source files and instructions are available online. Moreover, it uses off-the-shelf components, so any developer/builder/hacker can follow the instructions and build Pallette. We hope to establish a community around tongue-control technology, so the people in need can actually have access and benefit from it. Winning this competition will help us publicize this project, and hopefully achieve a minimum critical mass for this community!