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Inductance-Capacitance Measurement using PIC18 Microcontroller

When designing or debugging an electrical or electronics device, it is very important to know the values of the components that have been used on board. With a multimeter most of the components can be easily measured and identified but most ordinary multimeters do not have options to measure inductors and capacitors as this is rarely needed. However, without capacitors there are literally no circuits while complex circuits may have inductors in them. A LCR (inductor-capacitor-resistor) measurement meter can be used to determine the aforementioned components but usually such meters are pretty expensive.

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Frequency measuring techniques

Measuring input signal frequency is a common requirement in many applications like tachometer, frequency meter, tone detection, etc. The two classic approaches of frequency measurement are measure the number of cycles in a fixed period of time and measure the time of one cycle. This application note from Cypress discusses the advantages and limitations of these methods and also presents a hybrid approach along with a sample project enabling measurement of frequencies with a typical error of 0.0016% (16 ppm).

Frequency measurement demo

Frequency measurement demo