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Arduino midi controller

An Arduino powered midi controller project for music makers.

This my first arduino (microcontroller) project. I want to learn arduino with a usefull and large project.

I decided to make a midi DJ controller that have all the functions needed to be standalone to mix.

Every kind of sensor (potentiometer, push button,…) can be learn independantly and I think the best way is to learn “how it works” and “how it is connected” for each sensor step by step.

Midi controller using Arduino

Midi controller using Arduino

Megachordotron is a DIY MIDI controller using Teensy

For 2016 Maker’s Faire at New York, Will Ware made Megachordotron, a Teensy powered MIDI controller with a touch sensitive keysboard. In his own words: “It’s intended for people (like myself) who are too clumsy to play a guitar“. This design is open-source and he has posted all the files on Github.


Megachordotron: A Teensy powered Midi controller

In the following Youtube video, he shows the demo of his instrument.