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Mini breakout board for PIC16F88/628A/1827/1847 are back in stock at Tindie

More mini breakout boards for 18-pin PIC16F series microcontrollers are now available as DIY kits on Tindie.

Key features:

  • On board Reset switch and decoupling capacitor
  • High quality PCB (manufactured from OSH Park)
  • Easily plug into a breadboard
  • On board ceramic resonator (20MHz)
  • ICSP header for PICKit2/3 connection
  • All 18 pins of the microcontroller are broken out to a breadboard friendly 0.1″ pitch header

Mini PIC breakout board

You can buy this as a DIY kit for $8.50 on Tindie.

Breakout board for PIC16F1847 microcontroller

This is an improved version of my 18-pin PIC16F series breadboard module that I have used in many of my PIC tutorials and projects published in this website. The new version has got a +5V power supply regulator on-board and a 2.1mm female barrel jack for DC input from a wall adapter. The 18-pin PIC16F series microcontrollers are still very popular among hobbyists and beginners because of their compact size, low cost, and simplicity. The PIC16F1847 is the latest release in this series and is equipped with lot more peripherals and enhanced features than its predecessors. This breakout board will be helpful for rapid prototyping with the PIC16F1847 microcontroller. Since the predecessors of PIC16F1847 share the same pin configuration, this board can also be used with popular PIC16F84A, PIC16F628A, and PIC16F88 microcontrollers of the same series.

Breakout board for PIC16F628/88/1827/1847 microcontrollers

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