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Arduino cell phone

This instructable describes how to make a DIY GSM phone using Arduino Uno and GSM/GPRS shield. The project uses a TFT LCD with touch screen to provide an user interface required to operate the phone. This Arduino phone can receive & send message, dial & answer phone calls, and display real time clock.

DIY Arduino cellphone

I/O Experimenter Board (PCB version)

Most embedded projects require the same common stuff, basically I/O devices such as switches, LEDs, LCD display, buzzer, etc. Connecting these things on a breadboard for prototyping every new project is time consuming and boring. Recently, I have designed a general purpose I/O experimenter board that will not only reduce the prototyping time for a new project but also free up plenty of space on the breadboard.

I/O Experimenter Board

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Real-time clock and Temperature display on 16×8 LED Matrix

Digital clocks and temperature meters are very popular projects. There are tons of such projects available on internet. This one is little bit different. This displays time and temperature both scrolling on a 16×8 LED matrix.

PIC18F2550 is the brain of this project that controls the columns of the display through A6276 (a 16-bit serial input, constant current latched LED driver). The rows are controlled with a 74ACT164N (8-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register). The required current to drive the rows are provided by BC337 transistors.

A DS1320 serves as the external real time clock, whereas the temperature measurement is performed with LM35, a precision centigrade temperature sensor from National Semiconductors.

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