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New version of MAX7219 based 4-digit serial seven segment LED display

This (SPI7SEGDISP4.40-1R) is a revised version of the previous SPI seven segment LED display (4 digit) board that displayed numerals and decimal points. The new version has a better quality seven segment LED display (LTC-4727JS) with three extra LED segments, as shown below. The additional colon segments are useful in projects where you need to display time (HH:MM or MM:SS).

Newer version of 4-digit SPI seven segment LED display

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More SPI 4-digit seven segment LED displays are available

Four digit SPI 7-segment LED displays are back in stock now on Tindie. The board has been revised from its earlier version and now contains an additional header connector to cascade multiple displays. The new header provides access to DOUT pin of MAX7219 driver IC. If you want to add a seven segment LED display to your project without giving up too many I/O resources, this board allows you to do that using only 3 I/O pins and it costs only $10.

Assembled board

SPI 7-segment LED display kit is only $10

Tindie buying link for SPI 4-digit seven segment LED display


More MAX7219 based serial seven segment LED displays are available now!

Due to high demand of the MAX7219 based serial 4-digit seven segment LED displays, I recently ordered more PCBs for this. You can now order a complete kit for $11.99 and an assembled module for $13.99. Both prices include free shipping within the continental United States.

Serial 7-segment LED display

The display is based on the MAX7219 driver chip that supports 3-wire SPI interface. You can find an interfacing example for PIC12F683 microcontroller here. The example code is written in C and therefore, it can be easily implemented to any other microcontroller family.

This display module is available for purchase as a kit. The price of the kit is $11.99 which includes free shipping (regular USPS) within the United States. The payment will be through Paypal. If you want this kit, email me first at admin (at) embedded-lab.com, and I will send you my Paypal information.