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Building wireless sensor applications using Dorji’s DRF5150S and DRF4432S RF modules (Part 1)

Dorji Applied Technology is a China-based company that primarily focuses on building different types of RF modules that can be easily incorporated in designing wireless data loggers, sensor network, telemetry and other wireless applications. Their products mostly use RF transceiver chips from ADI, Infineon, and Silicon Labs. Some of their RF modules have an additional preprogrammed microcontroller that allows direct interface of selected analog and digital sensors to the module. This means you don’t need any external MCU or to write codes for these sensors. I have been playing with their DRF5150S and DRF4432S RF modules for past couple weeks and I should admit that they are very versatile and easy to use.┬áIn this blog post, I will describe these two modules briefly, and illustrate how to put them together to construct a simple wireless sensor application where data from a remote sensor are received and displayed on a PC, without using any external microcontrollers.

Dorji's DRF5150S wireless sensor module

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