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Low cost temperature data logger using PIC and Processing

This project describes an easy and inexpensive way of adding a digital thermometer and data logging feature to a PC. It involves a PIC microcontroller that gets the surrounding temperature information from the Microchip MCP9701 sensor, and sends it to a PC through an USB-UART interface. The USB port of the PC is also used to power the device. The open-source Processing  programming platform is used to develop a PC application that displays the temperature in a graphics window on the computer screen. The PC application also records the temperature samples plus date and time stamps on an ASCII file.

PC-based temperature data logger

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Multi-channel temperature logger

This project describes how to use all the 8 ADC channels of an Atmega48 microcontroller to read temperature sensors and the measured data to a PC for logging by using the built-in USART capabilities of the chip.

For demonstration, the temperature sensor used is LM335 that gives an output voltage proportional to the Kelvin temperature. The microcontroller is operated with a 9.21 MHz clock that works well for serial communication at 19200 baud. The software running on the PC is written in Python that keeps looking at the serial port and receives the incoming data.
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