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Atmega8 measures ambient temperature and relative humidity using HSM-20G sensor

In one of my previous posts, I discussed about Sensirion’s SHT11 and SHT75 sensors, which are capable of measuring both temperature and relative humidity. They are digital sensors and provide fully calibrated digital outputs for temperature and relative humidity. I also illustrated how to interface those sensors with a PIC microcontroller. Shawon Shahryiar from Dhaka, Bangladesh shared this project with us where he describes a method of interfacing the HSM-20G sensor to Atmega8 for measuring the ambient temperature and relative humidity. Unlike Sensirion’s SHT series, this is an analog sensor that converts the two ambient parameters into standard output voltages.

Using HSM-20G sensor with Atmega8

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Simplest Temperature Data Logger based on PIC12F683

This one chip data logger uses PIC12F683 microcontroller to read temperature from a DS1820 sensor and store it inside its internal EEPROM memory. The process is repeated in every 1 sec, 1 min, or 10 min interval as selected by user. The stored values can be transferred to a host PC through serial port. The serial communication uses a transistor based TTL to RS232 Level converter circuit to transfer data to PC.

This logger can store up to 254 temperature measurements in its internal EEPROM. Each data is 8-bit and the temperature resolution is 1 degree C. With three tact switch inputs, the user can control Start, Stop, Send, Reset, and Sampling time set operations. The hardware and firmware is available for free.

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