ATtiny85 based Compact Data Acquisition Device

This project, named IViny, is about an easy-to-build USB based data acquisition device using ATtiny85 MCU that communicates to a PC using V-USB. It is capable of logging data to the computer at 150 samples/sec. It features:

  • 2 channels 0 – 5V and 0 – 3V digital input/output
  • 2 channels 0 – 5V 10 bit analog input
  • Channel maximum current 20 mA
  • ATTiny85 based
  • USB supply, no need external supply
  • V-USB based communication
  • PC user interface
  • 150 Samples/sec
  • 50 mm x 33 mm x 17 mm
IViny: A tiny datalogger device using ATtiny85

IViny: A tiny datalogger device using ATtiny85

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