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PIC based IR remote control

Rajkumar Sharma has shared his design files for single channel and 16 channel IR remote control boards on Electronics Lab. Both of these boards utilize PIC microcontrollers and the TSOP1738 Infra-Red module for receiving the encoded RC5 serial data from a TV remote. Features of 16-channel remote control: Supply Remote Transmitter RC5 Philips 2XAAA Battery Supply Receiver 7V to 12V DC Modulation 38Khz Philips RC5 Code Format Operating range up to 20 feet 2 Pin Screw Terminals for Supply Input On Board Power LED Onboard VT (Valid Transmission) LED All Outputs TTL Level provided with Header Connector Jumper (J1) for Mode

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Programmable relay switch using PIC MCU (revised version)

Programmable relays are key elements in numerous automation applications such as automatic street light control, watering and pump control, HVAC, home automation, power plants automation in industries, etc. This article describes a DIY programmable relay switch using PIC16F1847 (PIC16F628A can also be used) microcontroller. It is a revised version of my previous PIC-based relay timer project with added features and some improvements in the circuit design part. Like my previous version, it also allows you to set both ON and OFF times. The maximum time interval that you can set for ON and OFF operations is 99 hours and 59 minutes. The new version features

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Development board for PIC16F1938

The PIC16F1938 is a versatile 28-pin MCU belonging to Microchip’s extreme low power microcontroller family featuring nanoWatt XLP technology, 28KB of programming memory, 1KB of RAM, 11 ADC channels, and tons of other peripherals. A while ago, I designed a development board for this MCU and I thought it would be worth sharing this design here. The development board features an onboard USB-UART bridge to support the ds30 Loader for easy programming of the PIC MCU. All I/O pins are accessible through 2×5 headers. Summary of Features: On-board 5V and 3.3V regulators Support both 5V and 3.3V MCUs. The power

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RGB LED matrix clock with IR control

Sam Miller and Craig Andres designed a wall-mounted RGB LED matrix clock as their final project for the ECE 4760 course on Designing with Microcontrollers at Cornell. The clock consists of a 32×32 RGB LED matrix, which is controlled using the PIC32MX250F128B microcontroller. The clock also features stopwatch operation and alarm that can be customized through an IR remote. The clock also connects to a PC through a serial interface to synchronize the time with the RTC running on the PC. They write, Our project runs off of a PIC32MX250F128B microcontroller, which handles all the controls and processing of data for the

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LED light dimmer using PIC16F1936

Lukas Fassler recently moved to a new apartment and he wanted to have a PWM LED light dimmer to control some of his 12V LED strips. When he didn’t find a ready-made one that would meet his requirements, he designed his own using the PIC16F1936 MCU. His PWM dimmer can handle 100W output power at 12V DC. At the center of my design is a 8-bit PIC microcontroller, a PIC16F1936. There’s not much special about this particular model, it’s just a type I’ve used several times before and still had some on stock. A LM2931 provides the PIC with 5 volts

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