PIC based IR remote control

Rajkumar Sharma has shared his design files forĀ single channel and 16 channel IR remote control boards on Electronics Lab. Both of these boards utilize PIC microcontrollers and the TSOP1738 Infra-Red module for receiving the encoded RC5 serial data from a TV remote.

16 Channel IR remote control

16 Channel IR remote control

Features of 16-channel remote control:

  • Supply Remote Transmitter RC5 Philips 2XAAA Battery
  • Supply Receiver 7V to 12V DC
  • Modulation 38Khz
  • Philips RC5 Code Format
  • Operating range up to 20 feet
  • 2 Pin Screw Terminals for Supply Input
  • On Board Power LED
  • Onboard VT (Valid Transmission) LED
  • All Outputs TTL Level provided with Header Connector
  • Jumper (J1) for Mode Selection
  • J1 Open 16 Latch Outputs
  • J1 Closed 8Latch + 8 Momentary


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