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Product review: Elecrow’s 7″ HDMI LCD Display for Raspberry Pi

A colorful LCD display is always a great add-on to any Raspberry Pi project. This article provides a quick review of a high resolution (1024×600 pixels) 7″ HDMI LCD product from Elecrow and illustrates a simple way to set it up for Raspberry Pi. With HDMI support, built-in capacitive touchscreen control, and 4 mountable corners, this LCD is a perfect Plug-n-Play display for use with single board computers like Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi. It comes with an HDMI cable for the display, an USB cable for touchscreen control, four mounting screws, and a DVD containing the driver softwares. Hardware connections and software setup The setup

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PCB assembly at Elecrow

I have been asked a few times about where I make all of my PCBs and boards. So I thought I should share that experience here, which is what this blog post is about. In past 5 years, I have used PCB services from several companies, including Itead, Seeed, Elecrow, and Oshpark. There is no doubt that the Oshpark PCBs are far superior than the first 3 Chinese vendors. The downside of Oshpark is the cost of manufacturing is much higher, specially for larger size boards. Among Itead, Seeed, and Elecrow, I have never really noticed any differences in the

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Quick Review of a cheap Chinese component tester

Adam Fabio has posted a quick review of a cheap Chinese brand multifunctional component tester on Hackaday. He found its build quality was very cheap, but he was also amazed with its features and functionalities, including ohmmeter, capacitance meter, transistor tester, etc, which worked amazingly well with a reasonable accuracy. Powered with Atmega328 microcontroller, this component tester can be purchased for ~ $20 on eBay and Aliexpress. I didn’t have huge expectations for the tester, but I hoped it would at least power up.  Hooking up a 9 volt battery and pressing the magic button brought the tester to life.

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Product review: EasyPIC v7 development board

MikroElektronika, a Belgrade, Serbia-based company is well-known for producing quality software and hardware development tools for a wide range of microcontroller families, including PIC, AVR, and ARM processors. Their mikroC Pro for PIC has always been my favorite PIC compiler, and has been extensively used in my PIC tutorials and projects published on this website, for its ease of use and rich set of built-in library routines. Today, I am reviewing MikroElektronika’s EasyPIC v7, which is the latest PIC development board in their line of EasyPIC series. I would like to thank to Newark USA for providing the EasyPIC v7 board

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Product review: iCP12 usbStick and SmartDAQ

In this blog post, I am reviewing iCircuit Technologies’ iCP12 usbStick development board and their freely downloadable SmartDAQ PC software. These two can be bundled together to construct a very basic 6-channel (analog) PC data logger. The iCP12 usbStick is a PIC18F2550 based USB development board that comes preloaded with Microchip’s USB HID bootloader that allows users to upload an application firmware directly through a PC’s USB port without any external programmer. It provides access to its I/O pins through 0.1″ pitch headers. A slide switch is also provided on board to select the operation of the board in Bootloader or

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