An IoT monitor for your laundry room

Arduino IoT monitor for laundry rooms

An IoT-enabled monitoring device for laundry rooms to provide an alarm and phone feedback when a water leakage is detected. It also monitors dryer vent for over temperature conditions and also notifies about the washer and dryer cycle completion. It uses Arduino, Ethernet shield, Blynk app and bunch of sensors.

Arduino IoT monitor for laundry rooms

Arduino IoT monitor for laundry rooms


This started as a quick project to provide an alarm and phone notification when a water leak was detected in our second floor laundry room. A couple of years ago the drain hose from the washer somehow came out of the drain and the water made a bit of a mess in the living room below. In a classic case of scope creep (and a reluctance to dedicate an Arduino to just this one task) it ended up as a more comprehensive laundry room monitor that:

  • Does the leak detection and notification
  • Monitors the dryer vent for an over temperature condition
  • Monitors power consumption (and thereby cost) of washer and dryer operation (for each cycle and on a running total basis)
  • Provides notification of washer and dryer cycle completion
  • Provides detailed information on washer and dryer cycle progress
  • Provides a system to notify and record the need to replenish detergent and dryer sheet supplies

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