PC stats on a tiny OLED


Rupert Hirst bought a new Nvidia GTX1080 graphics card, and in order to monitor its performance, he built an external PC stat display using an Arduino Pro Micro and a 128×64 pixel I2C OLED display. Note that unlike in Arduino Uno, the I2C pins on the Pro Micro are available at the D2(SDA) and D3(SCL) I/O pins. In order to minimize the footprint of his project, he directly hooked the 4 pins (VCC, GND, SCL, and SDA) of the OLED display to the 4 I/O pins in a single row (D5, D4, D3, and D2) of the Pro Micro to minimize the footprint of the project. Because the OLED only consumes ~19mA current during operation, he was able to power the display by pulling D5 High(5v) and D4 Low(to ground).


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