PIC32 project: Wake-U-Up system

Zhiyong Hao and Zhuo Chen from Cornell University designed a new type of ‘Wake-up Assistant’ for their ECE 4760 course’s final project. Powered by a PIC32 processor, it is designed to wake up a person in a more comfortable and effective way, compared to a normal noisy alarm clock. Their system includes an LED light that works as a reading light before going to bed and brightens gradually in the morning time to simulate the sunrise. An accelerometer placed under the pillow monitors and analyzes the motion of the sleeper to detect when he/she is in a light sleep phase and is ready to be awaken through a vibration motor under the pillow. The system also allows the user to record voice messages and use them as alarm sound. The design is also made friendly for short naps, during which gradual LED lightening and motion-activated vibration motor alarm are disabled so that the user could take full use of the sleeping time.

PIC32 based Wake-u-up system

PIC32 Project: Wake-u-up system

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