Playing Tic Tac Toe against Arduino

Arduino Tic Tac Toe

Nick Koumaris of has come up with another cool video tutorial showing how to build an Arduino powered Tic Tac Toe game. The gaming interface consists of a colorful LCD touchscreen that allows the user to play this fun game against Arduino.

Arduino Tic Tac Toe

Arduino Tic Tac Toe

Let’s take a quick look at the code of the project. We need three libraries in order the code to compile. You can find links for the all the libraries in the description below. As you can see, even a simple game like this, require more than 600 lines of code. The code is complex, so I won’t try to explain it in a 5 minute video. I will show you the implementation of the algorithm for the Arduino moves though.

Check out the video tutorial below:

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