Low cost game console using PIC32

Alexander Shabarshin’s XORYA is a low-cost game console using PIC32MX170F256B microcontroller.
XORYA extremely low cost game console that consists of just 1 chip (in its base configuration) – DIP28 integrated circuit PIC32MX170F256B (32-bit MIPS core, 256K flash, 64K data memory) with cost below $5 and a few capacitors and resistors. XORYA is connected to NTSC TV through composite video input and it’s running applications created with help of open source XORLib game library ( http://xorlib.org ) specifically developed for this platform. XORYA may produce a number of black and white video modes (with 640×200 maximum resolution) and (potentially) stereo audio with 15734 Hz sample rate (through PWM). Also with external crystal 14.31818 MHz and 2 more capacitors it may produce color NTSC signal similar to “composite” mode CGA with 16 colors (actually 15, because 2 gray colors look the same) and resolution 160×200. Finally XORYA may receive inputs from up to 10 push buttons (12 if you count RESET and PAUSE). Goal is to get cheap software/hardware platform for “old school” gamedev.

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