ATTiny13 powered miniature servo control

Arief Ibrahim Adha has shared his design for a miniature servo controller using ATTiny13.

Well we know “baby sitting” on servo is wasting time. updating every ms, so is good to have separated board and microcontroller to controlling the servo.

Unfortunately, servo controller out there is just over kill, and pricey. so this is where the idea come from.

Using ATTiny13 or ATTiny 13A (anything that at least has min 1KB flash and 64 Bytes Internal SRAM will works )

This design using single layer PCB (bottom layer only) and the firmware only has 0,1 ms resolution. As i build this for proof of concept only, when i have time, i’ll update the firmware and the PCB with double layer so i can put led for power indicator and RX indicator.

Micro servo control board

Micro servo control board

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