AVR Alarm clock with temperature and humidity meter

This AVR based alarm clock uses PCF8563 for time keeping and has extended functionality of thermometer and humidity meter using DHT11.

First, let me introduce you my project. I made an Alarm clock with extended functionality & thermometer and humiditymeter. Everything started when my friend (who used to bring me some old electronic rubbish and I used to check if there’s not something useful) brought me some cashing register display similar like that. When I first see them I knew that I will made from it alarm clock.
I’m programmer and I used to program in many programming languages but this year I started programming in C for Atmel microcontrolers (attiny 85, atmega 8, atmega 328, atmega329, atmega 128 etc…). When I discovered DHT11 (temperature and humidity sensor) I programmed simple clock with thermo&humidity meter. I haven’t got any case for my project so I imagine that when I cut off column from cashing register display case I will have the case of my dreams for my project.

AVR clock with temperature and humidity meter

AVR clock with temperature and humidity meter

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