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MSP430 powered IR remote control for room automation

Rohit Gupta writes about his MSP430 powered IR remote control that he uses for room automation to control a mosquito repeller and a RGB mood light in his room using a Sony TV remote. Buzz..Buzzzz..buzzzzzzzz .. That is how a lone mosquito irritates you in the middle of the night trying to convince you that his lullaby is helpful. Insignificant or not, But truly that is the underlying inspiration for this project. The Mosquito repellents have this obnoxious smell that I would not like to sleep in and these loner mosquitoes who just piss me off by buzzing in the

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Automatic fish feeder with portion control

Dimitri from Stuttgart, Germany has made this automatic fish feeder for his special fish who needs extra care for not being overfed. So he wanted a fish feeder with reliable portion control, which he found missing in most of the existing automatic feeding devices, leading him to make one by himself. He used MSP430 as the main controller in his automatic fish feeder. A stepper motor driven by L293NE is used to control the mechanics of automatic feeding and portion control. Three tact switches are used for user inputs, whereas for visual indication of the device functioning, three LEDs are

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MSP430 driven RGB LED ring clock

This MSP430G2553-based attractive wall clock is comprised of 2 rings of 60 WS2812 RGB LEDs. The PCB ring was constructed by daisy-chaining small and identical arched PCB segment. Visit this instructable for details on construction of the clock and downloading the firmware, which is written in C.

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Automotive vibration data logger and analyzer

Gabriel Francisco designed an automotive acceleration data acquisition system based on Texas Instruments’ LM4F120 series of ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller. It can be used to sense automotive vibrations in eight directions using single channel analog accelerometers, such as ADXL335 device. The data collected from the sensors are sent to a PC through serial port or Bluetooth, and are analyzed through a PC software.

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Setting up the CCS v4 build and debug environment for TI MSP430 Launchpad

Last year, Texas Instruments (TI) released industry’s lowest cost (only $4.30) microcontroller development kit named Launchpad. It is a complete development tool for rapid prototyping with TI’s ultra-low power MSP430 Value Line MCUs. I also bought a Launchpad kit several months ago but haven’t really looked into it. Last weekend, I spent a couple of hours reading about the MSP-EXP430G2 experimenter board (that comes with the Launchpad kit) and the Code Composer Studio (CCS) software tool. CCS is an integrated development environment (IDE) to develop and debug applications for TI’s embedded processor families. As always, a “Hello World” program is the best thing

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