MSP430 powered IR remote control for room automation

Rohit Gupta writes about his MSP430 powered IR remote control that he uses for room automation to control a mosquito repeller and a RGB mood light in his room using a Sony TV remote.

MSP430 based IR remote control

MSP430 based IR remote control

Buzz..Buzzzz..buzzzzzzzz .. That is how a lone mosquito irritates you in the middle of the night trying to convince you that his lullaby is helpful. Insignificant or not, But truly that is the underlying inspiration for this project. The Mosquito repellents have this obnoxious smell that I would not like to sleep in and these loner mosquitoes who just piss me off by buzzing in the ear, you have to choose a lesser evil. Obviously, I turned ON the repellent and in a while it goes off but the smell starts building up and I am too lazy to turn it back OFF, leaving the warmed blanket on a chilly Delhi December Night. The nocturnal dilemma .

So, why not just use a remote to turn it back off and maybe add some other things like Reading Light control, Mood Lighting?

Interesting !!

Having the above in mind I thought of building my own Room Automation and Mood Lighting controller and for this time make it look good and “no mess visible”. I had bought some nice overpriced project enclosures a while back and the bigger one of them would be perfect for the project.

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