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Acme traffic light restoration

The Southern California Transportation Museum is one of the largest private transportation museums in the United States. We are privileged to have among our artifacts a set of Acme traffic lights. This type of traffic signal was deployed in the Los Angeles area in the 1920s and 1930s. This was the time when every city was experimenting with different types of traffic signals. Later the Automobile Club convinced everyone to adopt the three-light signal they use today. During the brief time they were in use, the ACME traffic light became the favorite of the Hollywood cartoonist so, that’s why you see them all over the movies.

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Seeed Fusion OPL Enables Complete PCB Manufacture and Assembly in One Week at Low Cost

What is the Seeed OPL? The Seeed Fusion Open Parts Library or OPL is a tailored catalog of over 600 carefully selected components available for use in Seeed Fusion’s PCB assembly service. From capacitors and connectors to ICs and displays, these parts are always in-stock and guaranteed to be cheaper than externally sourced parts. By using these components in Seeed’s PCBA service, you will save time and money and at great convenience. More Reliable Components from the OPL are sourced from Seeed’s long-term partners. They are tried and tested in Seeed’s own products and undergo the same strict quality control

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The 2018 Hackaday Prize has launched

The 2018 Hackaday Prize has been announced. This is the fifth contest of the annual Hackaday Prize series and is jointly sponsored by Digi-Key and Supplyframe. This year’s challenge to the hardware hackers across the globe is to “Build Hope” through open source hardware projects. Over the past 4 years, the Hackaday Prize contest has already given away nearly $1 million to the innovative makers who contributed towards building awesome stuffs to make this world a better place. This year has following 5 themed challenges that run in series: Hardware Design Challenge: 3/12 – 4/23 Robotics Module Challenge: 4/23 – 6/4 Power Harvesting Challenge: 6/4 –

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Flexible smartwatch using e-ink display

Nick Ames aims to build a thin and flexible smartwatch with a wrap-around touchscreen display made of a 4.9″, 720×120 EPD (e-ink) screen. Besides time telling, the smartphone also features health sensors to count your steps and monitor pulse rate and blood oxygen level. This is also Nick’s official entry to Hackaday 2017 contest. Check out his project page for more details on it.  

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Testing circuit board for Adafruit’s FONA808 module

Jesus Echavarria from Spain has tipped us off about his latest experimenting circuit board. This time he has made a testing circuit board for Adafruit’s FONA808 module that carries SIMCOM manufacturer’s SIM808 GSM and GPS transceivers. The Adafruit board includes this module and also some electronics for choosing voltage levels, battery connection and charger. Because I need to test and programming some of this modules, I decide to make an specific PCB for it, allowing the programming and debugging via PC, wich is more comfortable that use a microcontroller for all these tasks. I use the MCP2221 USB-Serial bridge and

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