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A Simple Solar Irradiation Measurement Technique

A pyranometer or solar irradiation tester is measurement tool that is a must-have for every professional in renewable energy sector. However, owing one is not easy because it is both expensive and rare. It is expensive because it uses highly calibrated components and it is rare because it is not an ordinary multi-meter that is available in common hardware shops. Personally, I have a long professional career in the field of LED lighting, renewable energy (mainly solar), Lithium and industrial battery systems, electronics and embedded-systems. I have been at the core of designing, testing, commissioning and analyzing some of the

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Incubator bodysuit for premature infants

According to a WHO report, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm (before the mother has reached 37 weeks of gestation) every year. More than one million of those infants die shortly after birth, and countless others suffer from some type of lifelong disorders. Because they are born too early, they have underdeveloped body parts and therefore kept inside incubators to maintain favorable environmental conditions for them. In developing countries, many premature babies die because of the lack of the care they needed. Manoj Kumar and his team’s work is intended to design an affordable incubator bodysuit for premature babies that

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Nocturnal hypoglycaemia detector

Hypoglycaemia is a condition characterized by an abnormally low level of glucose in blood. It is associated with diabetes, and is likely to occur if someone with diabetes takes too much insulin, eats less than usual, or exercises too hard. Novirium‘s Nighttime Hypoglycaemia monitor is a bluetooth-enabled device that acts as a safety net for type 1 diabetics, while they’re sleeping. The nighttime hypoglycemia results in excessive sweating. This monitor measures the skin temperature and humidity to detect severe nocturnal hypoglycaemic events. Measurements are taken periodically and are sent to a nearby Android phone via Bluetooth. If such an event is detected,

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Smart stick for visually impaired

This project article from 4D Systems describes how to build a smart stick that uses sonar to guide visually impaired. It uses 4Duino, which is an Arduino compatible computer board with built in 240×320 resolution TFT LCD Display and Wi-Fi capabilities. The stick consists of three ultrasonic sensors that can sense obstacles in three directions (left, right and front) within a distance of 400 cm. When an obstacle is detected within the range, the user is notified with the activation of a vibration motor. Because 4Duino is WiFi enabled, the user can also send text messages to a web browser for help in emergency situations

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Pallete: An open source tongue computer interface.

Designed by Dan Levine, Pallete is a fully open-source wireless computer interface to allow the mobility impaired to control computers, Android tablets and phones using the tongue. It uses infrared sensors to track tongue motion, a microphone to detect tongue taps, and Bluetooth technology for communicating with computers. Dan’s smart mouthguard is also a winner for the Assistive Technologies award of the 2016 Hackaday Prize. It is open sourced, all the design source files and instructions are available online. Moreover, it uses off-the-shelf components, so any developer/builder/hacker can follow the instructions and build Pallette. We hope to establish a community around tongue-control technology, so the people in need

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