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SunLeaf: Solar-powered wireless sensor module

SunLeaf is a wireless sensor module designed by Adam Vadala-Roth for remote sensing applications. The module is solar/battery powered, low power, connected via WiFi, low cost, and highly scalable. SunLeaf interfaces with several variety sensors, samples, and transmits the data to the cloud. Data is viewed through a web interface. The SunLeaf module intends to be a solution for many remote wireless sensing applications, such as plant health, agriculture, monitoring pollution, and monitoring climate. Module Hardware Specs – ST Microelectronics STM32F446RET6 ARM Cortex M4F 168MHZ MCU – ESP-02 ESP8266 WiFi Module – 4x Seeedstudio UART/USART Grove Sensor Connectors – 4x Seeedstudio

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Environmental gas sensing and alert system

This environmental alert system uses an array of four gas sensors (one each for methane, propane, carbon monoxide, and smoke) which are connected to an Intel Edison for automatic gas sensing and alerting. The entire system is powered from a 5V 3A power supply. Each of the four sensors draws upwards of 150 mA, the Edison around 500 mA, and the DotStar LEDs (at full white brightness) up to 2400 mA. Since the DotStar strip will never be fully on or set to white, the 3 amp supply should work just fine. The entire system is switched on via a mini

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