Environmental gas sensing and alert system

This environmental alert system usesĀ an array of four gas sensors (one each for methane, propane, carbon monoxide, and smoke) which are connected to an Intel Edison for automatic gas sensing and alerting.

The entire system is powered from a 5V 3A power supply. Each of the four sensors draws upwards of 150 mA, the Edison around 500 mA, and the DotStar LEDs (at full white brightness) up to 2400 mA. Since the DotStar strip will never be fully on or set to white, the 3 amp supply should work just fine. The entire system is switched on via a mini toggle switch. A single green LED is connected via a 330 ohm resistor to the 5V rail to show the power status.


An Intel Edison runs the show for the Environmental Alert System. The Edison is mounted on an Arduino breakout board, which makes it easy to read the analog signals from the sensors and potentiometers. The Edison is connected to the 5V rail via a micro usb cable. The Edison has a built-in Wi-Fi radio, which allows it to connect to the internet without the need for any additional hardware.

Environmental gas sensing and alerting system

Environmental gas sensing and alerting system

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