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Porting ST Standard Peripheral Library (SPL) with MikroC PRO for ARM

What is this Standard Peripheral Library (SPL)? It’s just a collection of hardware libraries that provide an easy approach to any STM32 ARM programmer. It has support for every peripheral a STM32 micro has like CAN, USB, ADC, Timers, etc. In short it’s a hardware abstraction layer fully covering the STM32. Why use the ST SPL? Reduce coding time by spending less time figuring out 32 bit register values and going through a near thousand page reference manual. Take the advantages of the built-in code library of MikroC which other compilers don’t offer. SPL is used by most STM32 ARM

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STM32 – Prior to Start

STM32 ARM-based micros from STMicroelectronics pack high density resources than any other conventional microcontroller. They are also high speed devices, operating typically at 72MHz and beyond. Despite several advanced features and heavy resources, they turn out to be misfortunes for beginners who wish to play with them. Available in market are several cool STM32 boards but most of them are not well documented. The aim of this document is to address some common FAQs. Typically most people ask the following question: How to program the STM32 micro embedded in my development board? What tools do I need to get started?

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