Electric energy monitor that writes data to a Google Drive spreadsheet

This recently posted instructable describes a home electricity monitor with Cloud support that saves the measurements into a Google Drive spreadsheet. The project usesĀ Arduino Yun microcontroller board along with a current transformer for sensing current in the mains live wire. The power monitoring is wireless through Wifi, allowing continuous monitoring from a PC or phone and permanent storage on the Cloud.

Electricity monitor using Arduino Yun

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  • For measuring energy only using the current transformer, you have to be sure, that voltage in your network is constant. I don’t know, how it’s in your country, but in mine voltage can be up to 270V at night and down to 180V in evenings. So, if you want to build accurate power monitor, you have to add to your circuit voltage metering part. This is pretty challenging, because it has to be galvanically isolated from mains and have to give RMS value of voltage. As the way to implement it – try using opto-isolating amplifiers.

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