• can you help me!
    TemperatureLoggerWithTime with pic18f452
    please help me

  • SIR.,

    plz……can u solve my problem: How to make a self IR remote and receiver using PIC16F877 in assembly language…(4 different codes should be generated for the four different i/p switches at the transmitting section..and that codes should be transferred and decoded in the receiver section…….all this should be done through PIC16F877; along with the circuit..)………….. very much needed……………………….can u provide us…….but give us reply
    my mails-( ;

  • Dear Admin,

    I have a 5.1 audio amplifier which is having 6 volume controller for adjusting the volume of speakers. So my dream is to replace this 6 volume controller by a PIC micro controller circuit which is driven by remotely. So can u please give me as olutuion about this matter.

  • hai sir,
    i am doing embedded projects with microcontroller, now am interested to do project with pic 16f877a am already done some diplomatic project in this area. i am miko c for pic, i tried to send temperature values serially but i d’nt know how to send values serially can u help me.

  • hi,
    this is is the best embedded related website i ever visited….
    i need the help of admin in maki ng my own project of embedded system,,, i want to make a pi-meter or counter which takes input from the npn sensor and count it,,,, and display the counting digits on 16×2 lcd.
    i will be very thankful to u.

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