IoT enabled background radiation monitoring device

DIY Geiger counter projects are very popular among hobbyists. Geiger counters are used to detect beta particles and gamma rays radioactive emissions.They all use a Geiger-Muller (GM) tube, which is a glass tube filled with an inert gas such as helium, neon, or argon at low pressure, to which a high voltage is applied. The tube becomes conductive of electricity when it is impacted by a high-energy particle or photon. We have seen radiation monitor builds before based on 555 Timer IC and ESP8266Brett Oliver‘s IoT enabled Radiation Monitor is Arduino-based and WiFi-enabled using ESP8266 and it continuously monitor the surrounding radiation and log the data to Radmon, ThingSpeak and Sparkfun.


  • 24/7 logging of background radiation to Radmon, Thingspeak and Sparkfun
  • Dual processors Arduino 328 for Geiger Counter and ESP8266 (Arduino core) for WIFI logging
  • LCD Display for setup and Radiation monitoring
  • IR remote control of setup functions and 7 segment display brightness
  • OLED display of logging and WIFI connection
  • Dual 8 digit 7 segment displays to show current CPM, Dose, Ave Dose and PK CPM
  • PIR activated of 7 segment displays to keep running costs down
  • Modular design minimal soldering required
  • Secondary LED display of detected radiation
  • Local temperature and Humidity logged
  • Rain sensor logged to ThingSpeak using an add on rain sensor can be used for alarm sensing instead if required
Radiation monitoring system using Arduino and ESP8266

Radiation monitoring system using Arduino and ESP8266

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