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MSP430 Launchpad cyclic timer switch

This MSP430 Launchpad cyclic timer project is written by Shawon Shahryiar from MicroArena and describes a cyclic on/off timer switch with a standard character LCD for displaying the on/off time as well as the state of the switch, and which can be programmed through capacitive touch inputs. The On and Off times can be programmed separately and the timer cycles endlessly through the set times. Shawon uses the TTP224 integrated circuit to implement 4 capacitive touch inputs in the project. The firmware for the project was developed using Energia IDE and can be downloaded from the link at the end of the article.


MSP430 Launchpad cyclic timer setup


Timer project schematic

Demo vide showing the cyclic timer in action.

Download OnOff_Timer Firmware

Embedded Lab projects built by Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy from New Boston, Michigan is a regular reader of Embedded Lab. He adapted our digital timer project to fulfill his need of a programmable timer switch for his darkroom. Here are some pictures that he has sent us showing how his assembled PCB of this project look like.

Dark room timer

Dark room timer assembled board

He also received a PCB for the 18-pin PIC16F board from us last week. The following pictures shows his assembled breadboard module for PIC16F628.

PIC16F628 breadboard module

The board with an external power supply

Thank you, Kevin for sharing these pictures with us.

00 to 99 minute timer using PIC16F628A microcontroller

Last week I was browsing my old backup hard drive and I found a source code for a very simple PIC based digital timer that I made a couple of years ago. The actual hardware of the project isn’t with me anymore. I might have lost it when I moved from my old apartment into my new home. However, I thought this might be a good practice project for beginners and so I am sharing it here. I am not going to build it from scratch again; I will rather demonstrate it using my DIY PIC16F628A breadboard module and I/O board. The complete circuit diagram along with the firmware developed using mikroC Pro for PIC compiler is provided in the article.

0-99 minute timer

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