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Breakout module for Si7005 temperature and humidity sensor

The Si7005 is a digital relative humidity and temperature sensor from Silicon Labs. It integrates fully factory-calibrated humidity and temperature sensor elements with an analog to digital converter, signal processing and an I2C host interface in a single monolithic CMOS sensor IC. The Si7005 is available in a “non hand-assembly-friendly” 4×4 mm QFN package, which requires reflow soldering to mount it on a PCB. This breadboard friendly breakout board is designed to make your prototype project with the Si7005 sensor much easier. It can be used with PIC, Arduino, or any other microcontroller development platform through an I2C bus. The power supply and I2C signal pins are accessible through breadboard friendly 0.1″ pitch header pins. Note that the Si7005 sensor is not 5.0V tolerant. It must be operated at 2.1-3.6V power supply.


Si7005 breakout board

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Reviewing Dorji’s DSTH01 digital temperature and humidity sensor module

A couple weeks ago I received some sample products from Dorji Applied Technologies, a china-based company that make varieties of RF and sensor modules. One of the products I received was their latest DSTH01 sensor module that carries Silicon Labs’ Si7005 digital relative humidity and temperature sensor on board. Things I liked about it are it is inexpensive (available on Tindie for only $6), compact, and most importantly it supports I2C host interface for communication.

DSTH01 sensor module

DSTH01 module with Si7005 sensor onboard

Pin diagrams of D

Pin diagrams of DSTH01 sensor module

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