Development board for PIC16F1938


The PIC16F1938 is a versatile 28-pin MCU belonging to Microchip’s extreme low power microcontroller family featuring nanoWatt XLP technology, 28KB of programming memory, 1KB of RAM, 11 ADC channels, and tons of other peripherals. A while ago, I designed a development board for this MCU and I thought it would be worth sharing this design here. The development board features an onboard USB-UART bridge to support the ds30 Loader for easy programming of the PIC MCU. All I/O pins are accessible through 2×5 headers.


PIC16F1938 development board

Summary of Features:

  • On-board 5V and 3.3V regulators
  • Support both 5V and 3.3V MCUs. The power supply option is selected through a slide switch (SW1).
  • FT232RL USB-UART bridge
  • PIC16F1938 runs at 16 MHz external resonator
  • PIC is preloaded with the ds30 Loader (bootloader)
  • All I/O pins are accessible through 2×5 male headers. Each header connector has VCC and GND pins.
  • ICSP connector for PICKit2 or 3
  • On-board LED connected to RA0 pin.

Top layer of PCB


Assembled PIC16F1938 development board

Download EagleCAD Files

Download ds30Loader Bootloader for PIC16F1938

The pre-compiled HEX file for bootloader can be found inside the dist folder.

Following is the list of components used in this development board.



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