Portable weather data logger

Jesus Echavarria‘s new project is a portable weather data logger that is battery-powered and is capable of recording ambient temperature, humidity, and light level into a SD card along with a time stamp. It’s based on the PIC18F2620 microcontroller, the HDC1050 temperature and humidity sensor, and the TEMT6000X01 ambient light sensor. The board uses M41T00SM6 RTC for time keeping, a Li-Ion battery charger, push buttons and leds for user interface, and a MCP2221 USB bridge to configure the board through PC.


PIC18F2620 based datalogger

Hi all! I’m continuing here with the last board I design and now I’m continuing testing. It’s a battery-powered small datalogger based on a PIC18F2620 microcontroller. The idea comes a few months ago, talking with a friend. He needs something to  monitoring temperature and humidity inside a sea container, for a three weeks travel from Spain to China. Low consumption is important, in order to have maximum autonomy with a small battery. I use a HDC1050 temperature and humidity sensor, and a TEMT6000X01 ambient light sensor. The collected data is stored on a micro SD card. Also the board has a RTC for timestamp, a Li-Ion battery charger, user pushbuttons and leds, and a MCP2221 USB bridge to communicate with the board and configure some parameters through software. Let’s see the board in detail!


More details can be found here.

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