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Lab 2: Basic digital input and output


Today we will learn how to read digital inputs from a push button switch. A digital input has only two values: 1 and 0. The configuration of the push button switch is same as that of the reset switch except it goes to a different port pin. The status of the switch will be read through RC1 and every time when it is pressed, an LED connected to RC0 will be toggled ON and OFF.

Required Theory

You must be familiar with the digital I/O ports of PIC16F688 and their direction settings. If you are not, read Digital I/O Ports in PIC16F688.

Circuit Diagram

To our last setup (see Lab 1: Flashing an LED), connect a push button switch to RC1 as shown below. The input ports of a PIC microcontroller have very high input impedance, and therefore, during normal condition when the switch is open, the RC1 pin is pulled ‘High’ through the external 10K resistor. When the switch is pressed, RC1 is pulled to ground and the microcontroller will read it as logic ‘Low’. In this way, a simple push button switch with a pull-up resistor can be used to provide digital inputs (1 and 0) to the microcontroller. Read more