USB business card with a computer chip

Have you ever seen a business card with a computer chip embedded on it? This one does. It has an ATtiny85 microcontroller chip that stores all your personal details. You plug it into an USB port of your computer, and find the details about the person opened into a text editor. The firmware uses V-USB (which is a software only implementation of USB) that allows the ATtiny85 microcontroller to act as an USB keyboard device, and type the stored info into the open text editor window.


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  • Excuse me, Rajendra, not Frank! I’m sorry I just looked at the picture w/entitled business card and assumed that Frank is the name of the article writer… ))

  • Hi Frank!

    Can you write a code (GUI is included) that could make a PC to send a logic signal(s) to USB port when some system event(s) take place? I mean chat / email message received, etc.? An idea of great commercial potential is condensed here. Please let me know if you’re interested.


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