ATtiny keychain game console

This tiny keychain game console is pretty neat and is based on ATtiny85 and and a SSD1306-driven OLED screen. The author has also shared the code for the UFO Escape game for this console.

ATTiny85 game console

ATTiny85 game console

I finally had some free time to make something fun and decided to write a new game for the Attiny85 ssd1306 keychain.  I reused the sleep, display and interrupts code from the “Breakout” game I created a while ago.

This time I wanted a more addictive game. The game had to be playable using just the two buttons. I thought a racing game might be a good choice but the landscape screen is more suitable for a side-scroller. So I settled for an obstacle avoiding side scroller. Similar games include the recent Flappy Bird, Nyan Cat and many variations of the Helicopter game.


Demo video.

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