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Standalone LED tester

David Cook’s new handy LED tester is based on the LM317L adjustable current regulator and consists of a microcontroller and an LCD to display the forward bias voltage across the LED and required series resistance for operation at the user-specified current and circuit voltage. Most projects include at least one LED. Before soldering the LED, how can you determine if the color and brightness meets your needs? After that, how do you calculate the correct value resistor? Many years ago, I built a handy compact LED testing tool based on the LM317L adjustable current regulator. (You’ll definitely want to click on

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ATTiny13 powered miniature servo control

Arief Ibrahim Adha has shared his design for a miniature servo controller using ATTiny13. Well we know “baby sitting” on servo is wasting time. updating every ms, so is good to have separated board and microcontroller to controlling the servo. Unfortunately, servo controller out there is just over kill, and pricey. so this is where the idea come from. Using ATTiny13 or ATTiny 13A (anything that at least has min 1KB flash and 64 Bytes Internal SRAM will works ) This design using single layer PCB (bottom layer only) and the firmware only has 0,1 ms resolution. As i build

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ECG datalogger

Ole Andreas Utstumo has designed a portable electro cardiogram (ECG) recorder using Xmega A3BU microcontroller that measures the ECG signal and store it on a memory card to show a doctor later. The device is currently able to do the following – Measure the electric activity in your heart with 3 leads – Sample the signal @ 512 Hz, 12-bit and store the data on a microSD card – Operate for nearly 24 hours on a charge – Save a timestamp with the push of a buttonMore details to come!

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AVR Alarm clock with temperature and humidity meter

This AVR based alarm clock uses PCF8563 for time keeping and has extended functionality of thermometer and humidity meter using DHT11. First, let me introduce you my project. I made an Alarm clock with extended functionality & thermometer and humiditymeter. Everything started when my friend (who used to bring me some old electronic rubbish and I used to check if there’s not something useful) brought me some cashing register display similar like that. When I first see them I knew that I will made from it alarm clock. I’m programmer and I used to program in many programming languages but

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Energy meter using Atmel 90E24

Atmel’s 90E24 is a high-performance active and reactive energy metering device for single-phase two-wire, single-phase three-wire or anti-tampering active and reactive energy meters. Here is a demo power line monitor project using Atmel 90E24 and allows voltage, current, true power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, phase angle, and line frequency to be accurately measured.

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